The Kites (Iran)

Director: Seyed Payam Hosseini
Cast: Asiah Moradi-Zar, Osman Pira, Karo Qavami, Kimia Khaledeian, Amir-Mohammed Kad’xodaie, Karo Hassani, Ramiar Ghavami

A young boy must discover a solution when a young girl’s kite ends up on the opposite side of a mine-laden divide. With the help of friends and an elder, the boy embarks upon a mission to return the kite in one piece.

Vimeo Staff Pick curator Blaire Barnes notes that “… In many ways, this slice of life is symbolic of a sort of radical imagination: the palpable care for one another, the innovation in problem-solving, the courage to reconcile what is lost… ..[director Seyed Payam Hosseini] manages to image a film that feels like such a ray of active hope despite the nearness of a conflicted past.” Nominated for Best Short Film at Berlinale 2020.