Punch-Drunk [United Kingdom]

Directors: Larry Ketang & Liam White
Cast: Barry Ward, Corin Silva, Babeth Diamantidis

In a café in Marseille, a man’s life begins to unravel when his lunch is disturbed by a chatty stranger.

An international festival darling (Manchester Film Festival/Raindance/Zinebi/Aesthetica) and the 2022 BAFTA Longlist for Best Short film that counts legendary British director and screenwriter Ken Loach (The Wind that Shakes the Barley) among its outspoken fans, Punch-Drunk is a(n almost) one-taker wonder from the directors that brought you Doughnut, featuring the duo’s established trademarks: realistic-sounding characters in plausible yet heightened situations, an entertaining moral conundrum, big questions, and a dollop of black comedy.