Iniquity (United Kingdom)

Director: Oliver Goodrum
Cast: Richard Crehan, Mariona Tena, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Gary Beadle, Samantha Seager

Michael is on the brink of a new start in life: a new relationship and a stable job in a town where no one knows him. But his name returns to the news and his dream of anonymity start to crumble, leaving him scrambling to keep his past hidden—and his new life safe.

The Jury Award Winner at the British Short Film Awards and nominated for a Golden Unicorn at Alpinale, Iniquity also swept Beeston Film Festival for Best Drama, Best Performance, Best Directing, and Best in Fest. The sequel to the highly-touted short film This Is Vanity, this deeply emotional and powerful film examines—and even questions—notions of good and evil, bullying, and forgiveness.