Freedom's Path

Director: Brett Smith
Cast: Gerran Howell, RJ Cyler, Ewen Bremner, Carol Sutton, Afemo Omilami, Steven Swadling, Harrison Gilbertson, Thomas Jefferson Byrd
William (Gerran Howell), a Union soldier, flees from battle and is serendipitously rescued by Kitch (RJ Cyler), a black man. Risking everything, Kitch takes William to the seclusion and safety of his adopted home: a community of freed slaves who run a portion of the Underground Railroad. But when a ruthless and desperate slave catcher (Ewen Bremner) discovers the network, he conspires to bring it burning down to the ground…and everyone with it.

VIFF’s Saturday night headliner, discover why early audience reactions have been littered with praise of the highest order for Freedom’s Path: “Oscar potential”; “Deeply emotional”; “Original, powerful, and beautiful film”; “This is poetry on screen”; “Best film I’ve seen in years”; “A MUST WATCH!!!”