Director: Pierce Berolzheimer
Cast: Dylan Riley Snyder, Allie Jennings, Jessica Morris, Bryce Durfee, Robert Craighead, Chase Padgett
A horde of murderous crab monsters descends on a sleepy coastal town during prom night, and only a ragtag group of outcasts can save the day.

The reviews speak for themselves:

“Stupid, ridiculous, inept… AMAZING!… Feeling like a product of 50s creature-feature B-movies… Crabs! is a film lover’s dream… It’s like watching a horror movie version of Power Rangers…” – Phil Wheat, Nerdly

“Some films are created with such a passion for genre cinema that they literally blow up the screen… nothing can prepare you to discover this film… an improbable but successful cross of Goonies vs. giant monsters.” – Mulderville

“Outlandish, offbeat, and almost exhausting in just how many sharks (or crabs?) it threatens to jump. By the credits, it feels like Berolzheimer and co. have surpassed the B-movie pantheon of “so bad it’s good” many time overs.” – Ben Robins, Heyuguys